A lot of people are talking about $MATIC today here’s why Polygon is on everyone’s minds

Polygon (MATIC) went up a whopping 17-20 percent over the past 24 hours but why the sudden interest in this crypto out of all the ones out there?

First off I want to say I’m not a financial advisor or expert nor am I a crypto expert, I just report what I see and that’s it…the interest in Polygon suddenly has to do with the fact Meta announced plans to mint and sell NFTs on Instagram using Polygon…I kind of thought interest in NFTs had pretty much vanished but perhaps I was wrong.

Polygon now has three very important partnerships that could make it the next big cryptocurrency…this new partnership with Meta and Instagram…The one with JP Morgan Chase and it’s use on Reddit…so what is everyone saying about Polygon online today? Let’s take a look.


They really do seem to be pushing to give it lots of uses which can only help a cryptocurrency in my opinion.


Polygon does seem top be one of the only ones doing good at the moment…there’s still some hype for Dogecoin but it has died down a bit for now.


This is the reason for the hype but the hype will only continue if NFTs on Instagram catches on and take soff.


I’ve moved a bit of my money over into Polygon but I’m still not totally convinced it will take off like Bitcoin did.


I’ve heard a few people say it might reach $1.60 soon too…who knows I can certainly see it happening.


It’s certainly tempting to move most my funds into Polygon right now but I’m going to keep things diverse like I always do and maybe just test the waters for now.




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