Comedy Central To Reboot Ren and Stimpy Cartoon

My childhood memories are full of classic cartoons such as Beavis & Butthead, Animaniacs, The Simpsons and of course Ren & Stimpy, which is probably the cartoon filled with the most adult innuendos and inside jokes back then. You can see inspiration from Ren & Stimpy in many of today’s top animated shows such as the whole style of Spongebob and the pouty lip face that Rick & Morty uses pretty frequently.

Comedy Central announced that it will be rebooting the show and so far I’ve seen a lot of mixed reactions online. you see they rebooted it back in 2006 and it didn’t go so well, they pushed to hard to be edgy back then and lost the spirit of the original show in the process, Hopefully they do it right this time around because I think in these trying times we could all use a little Ren & Stimpy in our lives…But will the edgy humor be too much for today’s world filled with snowflakes and people that get offended by everything? Let’s take a look at how Twitter is reacting to the news of the reboot.

Yea man, I’m not sure today’s society can handle Ren & Stimpy sadly enough.

There’s always at least one political joke in the bunch…but who’s Ren and who’s Stimpy?

The majority of people are just excited to see it’s coming back.

Like I said…the snowflakes won’t like it.

The world can’t handle anything these days lol not looking good for the show so far.

With a whole new team of people creating the reboot I can’t blame some people for having doubts.

I don’t think Ren & Stimpy and the word woke go together too well.

Not to mention Beavis & Butthead as well, should be interesting.

It’s certainly a risky endeavor without John K. at the helm, that’s for sure.

But wasn’t the crude grossness one of the best things about the show?

What are your thoughts?

Are you excited to see the show rebooted?

Let us know in the comments 🙂

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