Why Preacher is the Best Kind of Twisted Television.

Developed by Sam Catlin, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg for AMC Preacher is based on a comic book by Garth Ennis, it stars Dominic Cooper as the preacher who gains the power to make anyone do anything simply by speaking the words out loud, it also stars Ruth Negga as his love interest and Joseph Gilgun as his Vampiric best friend. The series just ended on September 29, 2019 wrapping up the fourth and final season. It’s a shame to see such a good show end but a great time to go over what made this show so great.

The show revolves around Jessie Custer(Dominic Cooper) a down on his luck and faith preacher who gains an incredible power and sets out to have a face to face with God himself, his girlfriend Tulip(Ruth Negga) and new best friend who happens to also be a vampire Cassidy(Joseph Gilgun) join him on this journey and all kinds of chaos ensues, I’ll try not to give away too much of the plot here but to truly describe this show like it deserves you need to describe the crazy cast of characters as they are what gives this show real life.

I’ve already mentioned the Preacher with a crazy power and his Vampiric best friend, not to mention Tulip his crazy badass no fear girlfriend but as the show goes on the cast of characters just gets crazier and crazier. There is a kid named Eugene who has a face that looks like an anus because he shot himself with a shotgun and lived, in the comics they call him Arseface. There are angels that are much dumber than you’d expect an angel to be, there is a man that runs an extremist Christian sect who has a bullet wound on the top of his head making it resemble male genitalia , he also has a replacement ear made of a vampire’s foreskin and if that’s not enough to make you want to check the show out Hitler also escapes from hell and joins in the fun and there is a clone of Jesus named Humperdoo.

I’m sorry to see the show end nonetheless it was an extremely enjoyable show to watch while it lasted. It’s probably not a great show if you’re easily offended as that seems to be a main theme of the show…Just how offensive can they be each week but in the best way possible. If you haven’t checked this show out I highly advise you do.

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