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  • 19 Films That Remind Us Why We Love Julia Roberts

    Born on October 28, 1967 in Smyrna, Georgia Julie Roberts has starred in countless movies throughout her career with a total box office earnings of over $2.8 billion and she has been named People magazine’s Most beautiful woman in the world a whopping 5 times now. She comes from a family full of talent including […]

  • Top 18 Terrific Films Featuring Jim Carrey

    Born January 17, 1962 in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada Jim Carrey would first get noticed for his role on the comedy sketch TV show In Living Color but would become better known for his roles in some amazing and memorable movies. He has a long lost of great films and is currently trending on social media […]

  • Top 23 Films Featuring Nicolas Cage

    Born Nicolas Kim Coppola on January 7, 1964 in Long Beach, California Nicolas Cage would become known for his over the edge style of acting and has become a kind of meme over it. there is also a theory that he’s immortal due to an old photograph that came up for sale on Ebay showing […]