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  • 17 Awesome Movies Featuring Ben Affleck #ThanksBatfleck

    Born in 1972 in Berkeley, California Ben Affleck has had a hugely successful career in film as an actor, director and writer. One of his most recent roles as Batman has got #ThanksBatfleck trending on Twitter today and I for one can’t wait to see the Snyder cut of the Justice League movie. since he’s […]

  • 27 TV Shows Inspired By Comic Books

    Gotham Inspired by the characters from the Batman comic book series the crime drama Gotham takes place during Bruce Wayne’s childhood immediately following the death of his parents and is an in depth look at the origins of Batman and the many villains he battles. The show features many characters from the comics including Penguin, […]

  • The Characters in Birds of Prey and Their Origins

    There have been rumors circulating since 2015 about the Birds of Prey movie and now we finally have a 2020 release date for it and with the new trailer dropping just a few days ago we got our first real look at the characters that will be in the movie. It’s based on the DC […]