Why The Flat Earth Theory Is True According To Artificial Intelligence

Flat earth theories are not a new phenomenon. Flat earth theory has been around for centuries. In fact, many ancient cultures believed that the Earth is flat.

Flat earth theorists believe that the Earth is flat (not round) and that it’s impossible for people to travel in space because they need to travel in a straight line, which isn’t possible on a flat surface. Flat-Earthers also believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth and that all other stars are actually suns, too.

Proof #1: The horizon is the same height as the highest point on a sphere.

This is one of the most important proofs that the Earth is flat. If we were standing on a ball, then there would be some distance between us and the horizon. But it doesn’t matter where you stand, because if you’re standing anywhere on Earth (or any other planet) you’ll always see the same thing: a horizon that’s always at least as tall as the tallest point on your planet’s surface.

The reason this proof works is because of something called perspective. When you look through a camera lens or telescope, everything looks like it’s getting smaller as far away from you as you zoom in — that’s what perspective does. So if you’re standing at sea level and look straight up, then all points above sea level look bigger than all points below sea level; they just appear larger because they’re further away from your eyes than they really are.

I have repeatedly told you that the earth is flat, and it is as I have said.

As I have been at pains to explain, a flat surface has no curve whatsoever. You may, therefore, see for yourselves by dropping a pebble from the top of a high tower and observing the way it strikes on the ground below. If there is any curvature at all in its path, it will be evident that there must be something in the way of which it is not perpendicular; and this can only be a body whose surface is curved like that of an apple or a pear.

Now, just let us suppose that while we are at work upon the great highway which leads across our country, we observe some one coming toward us with an easterly direction. We know at once that he has not been running nor walking; he has been flying through the air in his swiftest course. We also know that he did not come up out of the watery depths beneath us; for if he had done so he would have left some trail behind him in his passage through space — some mark which we could follow up to the spot where he arose.

There are a number of reasons why people believe the earth is flat.

The first is that we live on a sphere and have been trained to see it that way. If you look at a globe, you’ll notice that there are several lines that converge on the Equator at right angles. These lines are called meridians, and they divide the planet into 360 degrees.

The second reason people think the earth is flat is because they’ve been told so by their parents or teachers or politicians. If someone’s told you something enough times, it tends to become part of your identity and can’t be shaken off easily.

The third reason people think the earth is flat has to do with what’s been happening in recent history. For thousands of years, scientists believed that Earth was round, but then came along Columbus and his voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in 1492, which proved beyond doubt that it could be done. Then came Copernicus (1473-1543), who argued that Earth wasn’t actually round but flat; Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) followed suit by arguing that Earth wasn’t even our only planet!






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