Yoel Roth’s Old Tweets Show That Maybe He Wasn’t The Best Judge Of What’s Wrong or Right At Twitter

With the Twitter files dropping recently there’s been a lot of talk about what Twitter did wrong and what kind of bias they might have had but one of the other things being exposed is that they didn’t put enough effort into removing child exploitation from the site…one of the people behind the decision to be so indifferent to this kind of material was Yoel Roth who was one of the top people in charge of deciding what to censor and who to ban and some of his old tweets might give us a clue as to just how this man thinks.

Is this really a question that even needs to be asked? I think any human being with a brain and morals already knows the answer to this one is certainly a huge no.

Also in his thesis he thinks there should be apps like these for minors…these kinds of apps have already ruined dating for adults, let the kids date people they go to school with you weirdo.

This man talks about sex and children in the same sentence way too much for it to be acceptable…no normal good human being thinks this way. The musclebear tweet was made from Yoel’s secret Twitter he used for his nastier tweets.

Sue for what? it’s all factual and easy to prove…the guy was a weirdo and clearly biased against conservatives as well, he didn’t even hide it.

Put another quarter in the “Trump was right” jar I guess.

What kind of porn does this guy watch where it can be confused with a really loud infant? is this not raising any red flags for anyone else? I think someone needs to look into this guy’s search history.

If you ask me there is something very off about Yoel Roth and I think if you deny that you’re just not being honest with yourself…this was the guy that got to decide what was okay or not on Twitter for years now…no wonder child exploitation stuff remained so much on Twitter over those years.





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