The Brittney Griner Situation Proves That Being A Straight White Man Is A Disadvantage In America Now

The release of Brittney Griner may look great on the surface but it exposes some things about this country that people might like to deny…aside from the fact they exchanged a man indirectly responsible for thousands of deaths including Americans who is nicknamed The Merchant of Death there are some other problems with this decision by the Biden administration.

No matter what you think about Russia’s laws the fact is when you travel to another country you have to obey their laws, only an entitled American would expect to be rescued as if they didn’t do anything wrong…the fact is Griner broke their laws and wasn’t a victim to anything but Russia law and her own stupidity…who the hell flies to other countries and brings weed or any other drug with them?

The narrative is that Biden had no choice, it was either Griner or nobody but Russian media mocking Biden for choosing her over Paul Whelan, a marine who actually didn’t break any laws and who is actually being wrongfully detained…it was also stated in a MSNBC article that “the choice was Griner, Whelan or nobody” but they’ve edited that article since.

America is all about virtue signaling these days, playing to the people that check the right boxes and sadly Whelan didn’t check any of the right boxes being a straight white man but Griner checked all kinds of boxes…a woman of color and gay so by choosing her Biden gets to pander to the people that everyone panders to these days and that’s all that matters to these politicians now.

It’s not like this is the first example of being white screwing people over, throughout Covid there were different policies that moved people to the back of the line if they were white…the hurricane relief earlier this year also saw the government choose who to help by skin color and once again white people were put to the bottom of the list.

The media is claiming Griner is some kind of role model and hero and playing that up all they can but she has openly hated this country for years now, claiming oppression every chance she could…and yet she gets to be the lucky person released from Russian prison, even though she was there the least amount of time out of the American prisoners we could have released and she actually broke their laws…how is that oppression exactly? Let’s not forget Griner plead guilty in a domestic abuse case and was sentenced to 26 weeks of domestic violence counseling…but yeah sure, a role model, if you say so.

The bottom line is if Griner was a straight white man she would still be sitting in Russian prison like Whelan is and you can pretend that’s not the case if you like but it’s the plain truth…this country has somehow become convinced that the answer to racism is more racism but just towards white people instead…I’m sure that’s going to be great for this country in the long run…






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