Brittney Griner Released In Exchange For Viktor Bout A.K.A. The Merchant of Death

The United States has finally worked out a deal with Russia to release Brittney Griner but at what cost? In exchange for her release Joe Biden agreed to release Viktor Bout to Russia who is also known by the nickname “The Merchant of Death” and is one of the biggest arms dealers in history, is this really worth it to get someone back that actually broke the laws in Russia? It’s not like she was unjustly jailed, she broke their laws and was treated like anyone else that broke them would have been.

Russia was adamant they would not release Griner unless the US released this specific prisoner, do you really think Russia wanted him back so badly because he was innocent? If you’ve ever seen the Nicolas Cage movie “Lord of War” it was based on this man Viktor Bout, he has been described in the past as being “the most dangerous man on the planet” and for good reason.

Viktor Bout was convicted for trafficking arms and suspected of many more crimes they were never able to prove he committed, at the same time the US is sending billions of dollars to Ukraine to help them fight Russia we just handed Russia back perhaps their best weapon against Ukraine…to think this man doesn’t have all the connections he used to have would be foolish…is it really worth it to get one basketball player back who openly hates this country? Not in my opinion, not even close.

Viktor Bout has been linked to selling arms to terrorists groups that specifically target Americans and is indirectly responsible for hundreds if not thousands of deaths and now thanks to Biden and Brittney Griner he will most likely be linked to thousands more in the near future…what Joe Biden did today is incredibly foolish and is going to have serious repercussions for many people in the years to come.

Check out Lord of War here!

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