Why The People Calling Tim Burton Racist Over The Show Wednesday Need To STFU And Get A Life

The whiney wokes are accusing Tim Burton of being racist over his depiction of black characters as bullies and villains in his new show on Netflix Wednesday, to those people I say you’re either looking really hard for something to complain about or you didn’t watch the whole series, I’ll explain why these people are actually just idiots with so little going on in their lives they have time to create things to dislike.

There are three characters that are black that get a decent amount of screen time and the first one is the mayor of the town…he’s not depicted with any kind of stereotypes or anything like that just a normal guy running his little town the best he can, he’s also the only one in town that doesn’t mind the school of misfits being there that they all call “the outcasts” overall he’s just depicted as a typical mayor and an all around good guy, sure he’s revealed to have covered up a murder later in the season but it was for good reasons and not done in the name of malice or anything.

Then there’s the mayor’s son who yeah is depicted as one of four kids bullying the kids from the outcast school…the three other kids are white , I don’t think it’s an unfair depiction of any of them, just teenagers being teenagers…the mayor’s son is actually the only one of those kids to have a redemption arc and who actually grows to like the outcasts by the end of the season and by the end of it he is depicted as a good kid who just got wrapped up in some stupid teenager stuff.

The third character is basically the alpha female of the school, the most popular girl who is the best at pretty much everything…her and Wednesday do have a lot of competition between them throughout the season but she is in no way depicted as a bully or villain, more of an overachiever than anything and like the mayor’s son she goes through a great redemption arc where her and Wednesday are actually kind of friends by the end of the season…there is literally nothing racist at all about how any of these characters were depicted on the series and anyone who thinks there was is just sitting in their mom’s basement all day searching for things to be offended by.

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