How The Matt Taibbi Story Exposes More Than Just Twitter Colluding With The Government

Recently independent journalist Matt Taibbi shared page after page of documents given to him by Elon Musk proving the government has been requesting Twitter censor certain people for quite a while now and that Twitter listened…a private company is welcome to censor whatever they want to but when the government got involved this became a clear violation of the first amendment…it wasn’t just Democrats but it was mostly Democrats that were requesting this censorship of speech…but most of us knew this was happening anyway and the people that didn’t wouldn’t believe it no matter how much proof you show them.

What I found more interesting was the way that journalist on the left have been reporting on this whole thing…almost word for word they are all saying the same exact thing “Matt Taibbi is just a PR guy for Elon Musk now”…it’s almost as if they are all given the same script to report and all ordered to report the same thing…this isn’t the first time this has happened it happens with almost every major news story these days…whether it’s the “attack on our democracy” BS or “Hunter Biden laptop is Russian disinformation” it’s become pretty clear all these “news sources” are told what to report now, they don’t report the news they spread propaganda.

Nobody can prove who it is giving them their orders to do this but the smart guess would be it’s actually the government and if that’s the case this country is in a very bad place…when the government controls what the media is allowed to tell all of us you end up with situations like Nazi Germany eventually…control of the media is also a common tactic of Communism…if you don’t think I’m right just pay attention the next time a big news story breaks…every single major news source will report almost word for word the same sentence about it…we’re not being given the information we need in this country anymore we’re only being allowed the information they want us to have and most of that isn’t even true and nobody, Democrat or Republican should want our country run this way.






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