What Kanye West Needs Right Now Isn’t Hate Or Criticism It’s a Brutally Honest Friend

For the past couple months we’ve all witnessed Ye say and do one controversial thing after another and it seems like it’s just getting worse and worse as time goes on here and although the media has plenty to say about his twisted opinions about Jewish people it seems from the outside nobody close to him that he respects is sitting him down and having a real honest conversation with him about what he’s doing to his own life right now.

I know Ye claims that he’s been misdiagnosed as Bipolar I have to be honest and say from the perspective of someone who has been dealing with Bipolar disorder for 30 years now I’d say I’m 99.9% sure he is Bipolar…I’m not a doctor or an expert by any means but I see a lot of myself in bad times when I watch him recently…and something else I know about Bipolar is it tends to drive people that care about you away pretty quickly…I think he probably had some people around him in the past that would put him in check and be honest with him that he may just not have any longer.

On one side of him he seems to have all these people he’s claiming are trying to take his money and screw him over and control him and then on the other side he has people like Nick Fuentes and Milo who are very clearly not looking out for his best interests and just strengthening his very wrong beliefs about the Jewish community…I don’t think Ye is a bad person or even that he hates Jewish people, I think he’s lost his way a bit in an overabundance of stress and overthinking and he has people using that to their benefit rather than his.

The thing Ye needs most right now is someone who actually cares about him that isn’t afraid of being honest with him, he needs someone he respects to sit down with him and listen but also to tell him he needs to take a step back and really look at what he’s doing and saying right now…the thing about Bipolar is you can have thoughts and ideas that seem so right to you in the moment but that can be very much wrong…another thing people don’t realize if this is Bipolar is that these manic phase will only last so long…eventually he’s going to crash and he’s going to crash hard and be more down than he’s ever been in his life…he’s going to need genuine friends around him then because the people he’s surrounding himself with right now are not going to be there for him when he really needs them…and he will need people once he comes down from all of this.

I just really hope someone in his life can get through to him soon or I’m worried we’re going to see his name in the news for much sadder reasons and regardless of what he’s saying right now I don’t think any of us want to see that…Ye is used to taking samples and beats and throwing them together in songs and making brilliant music…what he’s doing right now is kind of the same thing except he’s taking samples of rhetoric he’s heard and is being fed by people and throwing them all together into a belief system…I for one hope he gets through this and we get to see the Ye we all used to love so much.






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