Did Senator Scott Wiener Post Fake Threats To Him Just To Spread Outrage Over Nothing?

Almost 24 hours ago Senator Scott Wiener tweeted an alleged threat he got which he blames on Charlie Kirk criticizing him…the problem? You can see by the picture of this tweet that it was something he himself typed…when called out for this he claimed he was transcribing a voicemail he received but why not just post the voicemail then? It appears we may just have the next Jussie Smollet on our hands here…this is the latest tactic the left likes to use where you’re not supposed to be able to criticize them at all or you’re inciting violence against them…but then isn’t he inciting violence against Charlie Kirk with his comments about him? funny how it only goes one way…anyway here’s the tweet.

As you can see by the line at the end of the alleged threat this was something he himself typed out and then took a screenshot of…if it was a voicemail then why not just release that and prove to everyone you didn’t just make this all up? sad so many people think they should be above criticism these days and if it’s true he just made this up that they’d go to these extremes to shield themselves from it…

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