Kanye West Walks Off Timcast IRL Podcast When Asked To Clarify Who He Means When He Says They

I’ll start off by admitting that I’m a big fan of Timcast IRL, watch it pretty much every night it’s on and when I tuned in last night I was pretty excited to see that Ye was a guest because I also happen to be a big fan of his, aside from his recent problems I think he’s a unique guy with a unique perspective on the world and love his music too…but sadly that excitement didn’t last long as he ended up walking off the show not even 30 minutes into it.

Tim Pool started off the show as usual introducing everyone Kanye West first and then Milo and Nick Fuentes and then you could tell he was trying to steer away from the talk about Jewish people that we’ve all heard from Ye in recent weeks, Tim started out by bringing up the recent dinner with Trump and asking for more details about that but as soon as Ye started talking he made it clear he wanted to talk about what had happened to him that morning…talking about how “they are trying to get him arrested” and “they are trying to take his money”…when Tim Pool tried to get some clarification on who he meant when he said “they” Ye got upset and walked off set never to come back.

I think Ye is going through some stuff right now that would be tough on anyone, maybe some of it self inflicted for sure but that doesn’t make it any easier regardless…what I think is making it even worse is he seems to be surrounding himself with the wrong people right now…I really don’t think Milo or Nick really care at all about Ye or the backlash he’ll face for this stuff going on right now, I think they seem him as an opportunity for themselves and are using him and sadly I don’t think Ye sees that…they are encouraging him to go down this road of blaming a whole group of people for his problems which is never the right answer.

As far as the mental health aspect of all of this I’ll say I’m not a doctor nor an expert on any of it but I was diagnosed as Bipolar almost 30 years ago and have been dealing with it a lot longer than most people…one of the first things you learn having Bipolar Disorder is to recognize your phases and react accordingly…you have to be able to see your own ups and downs or have people around you that care enough to point them out to you…I know Ye claims he was misdiagnosed but honestly…what I saw last night was exactly what someone in a manic phase would act like…losing track of thoughts, jumping from one subject to the next and thinking your ideas and thoughts are great even though maybe they’re not the best things to be saying.

even after last night I’m still a fan of Ye’s and I hope he gets through the stuff he’s dealing with right now and starts surrounding himself with the right people, people that actually have his best interests at heart…I don’t think he’s a bad person I just think he’s not in the greatest place right now and I for one hope he gets through it all alright.




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