Titans Season 4 Episode 5 Review (Spoilers)

I’ve enjoyed the latest season of Titans so far but wasn’t a huge fan of last night’s episode, it was alright but seemed a bit lazy and unimaginative, I guess as a comic book fan maybe I have higher hopes for shows like these than most but a lot of what I saw last night just left me kind of disappointed.

The episode opens with Sebastian telling Raven about a recurring dream he has always had and how this whole hiding at S.T.A.R. Labs thing feels just like that dream, I’m actually a fan of the actor that plays Sebastian and thought he was great on The Originals but I think maybe he’s just better at playing a villain which we’re going to get to see in the second half of this season since this episode leaves off with him in the hands of the Trigon cult and a look on his face making it clear he’s loving the adoration the cult members are giving him.

Let’s get to the things that bothered me about this episode…last episode they had the titans fighting zombies and this episode they’re fighting a giant snake, it’s feeling like the showrunners are getting lazy with picking what big bads to throw into each episode at this point…and then the ease with which Jinx takes Superboy down was kind of off putting…so could she take Superman down that easy as well? just didn’t make much sense to me but he was weakened from the venom so whatever…but the whole Beast Boy turning into a virus thing…come on that is not in his wheelhouse of what he can do with his powers and just came across as really lame to me.

Then we have Starfire and Raven take Sebastian to a magical diner to protect him even though the team had Connor under control…there wasn’t any reason to leave the lab at that point so it just seemed a bit convenient to have Sebastian in the hands of only one person with powers to protect him…they had him well protected at the lab so why even do this? the episode was just full of plot points that were lazy, convenient or made no sense….hopefully the rest of the season doesn’t follow this trend because before last night I was enjoying this season a lot.

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