Why Republicans Need To Adopt The New Voting Methods Rather than Fighting Them

I’ll start off by saying that I’m not a fan of universal mail in voting or ballot harvesting, I think there are too many chances there for fraud to happen and politics is a dirty game where if fraud can exist then it will but…If Republicans ever want to get the power to enforce traditional voting rules they’re going to have to play the same game Democrats have been playing for t least a decade now…if you can’t beat them join them.

I think mail in voting should only be allowed for rare exceptions such as disabled people that can’t make it out to vote or the elderly and soldiers overseas, aside from that you should have to go stand in line to vote in person the way it’s always been but as long as this system exists and Republicans refuse to use it Republicans will just keep losing elections…yes with the amount of hands the votes go through in this process who knows what will happen to your vote but sometimes you have to game the system the same way your opponent does in order to win…once you get in power then you can change the rules for voting but as it stands now just complaining about the system being broken only results in losses for Republicans.

The issue with ballot harvesting where people go and collect ballots door to door is you end up getting votes from people that otherwise don’t care about politics and wouldn’t have voted…most of these people are going to be uninformed voters that will vote however someone tells them to…when you only have Democrats going to door to door then the majority of those votes are going to be Democrat…Republicans need to get ballot harvesting operations going in the states where it’s allowed if they want to stand a chance in the future…and then once again when you’re in office you can change the rules back to how they used to be…in person voting only except for rare exceptions.

I don’t like at all how our elections are run these days as it has come to who can game the system better who wins rather than who the better candidate is or who has the better policies…that’s why Democrat candidates are able to avoid debates and barely campaign and still win as was the case in Arizona this year with Katie Hobbs and Kari Lake…we might not like the system but in order to change it we’re going to have to play along for now…this is the only way to ever fix our elections and get them back to what they should be, that’s just the hard truth now.





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