The Walking Dead Series Finale Review (Spoilers)

The epic zombie show that has been a part of people’s lives for over a decade now has finally come to an end and aired it’s final episode last night…although I’m sure a lot of fans are sad to see the show go I’m sure there’s a lot that were ready for it to finally be over, a good show can’t go on forever, they never do and we finally got to see the end of The Walking Dead last night.

I’ll be honest I haven’t loved this final season although there were some good moments it felt a lot like the earlier season when they all fought the governor and there haven’t really been any huge stake deaths this season, it seemed like everyone that was in a dire situation always ended up getting out of it but last nights final episode really changed my mind and I enjoyed it a lot.

We start off the episode with Judith shot, Mercer in jail, Maggie and the gang getting geared up for war and Rosita finding the children all safe, although just in the nick of time. Pamela is shut up in her gated community where it’s going to be hard for anyone to get to her…most of these situations are all resolved just after halfway through the episode which I really liked so we could have a proper send off for the beloved characters on the show in the second half of the episode.

There was a lot of action, a huge explosion and a great song in Cult of Personality playing during the peak of the battle with the horde of walkers so the action was done right in this episode…we don’t lose any of the main characters throughout this except for Luke and Jules who both get killed on the way to the hospital to meet up with the rest of the group…The Rosita thing though, it was roller coaster, first you think she’s dead and then she’s barely escapes and then later on in the episode we find out she was bit…I think the goodbye to Rosita was perhaps one of the saddest parts of the show ever and was very well done and transitions us into the part of the show where we see what everyone’s new futures look like.

We jump forward a year after Rosita dies and our group is now running the Commonwealth the way it should have been done in the first place and Alexandria and the other communities are all doing well…we get to see a great goodbye between Carol and Daryl and they actually say “I love you” to each other for the first time…We see Eugene visiting Rosita’s grave and he whispers something that we’ll probably never find out what…and Maggie and a few others want to go out and explore the world now and see what and who else is out there…Negan just sort of wanders off and we have no clue where he might end up.

the show ends with Rick and Michonne writing letters to their kids and at first it seems like they’re together but we quickly find out they’re not and I think this was a nice glimpse into where the spin off show is going to take us…there were some hints at the other spinoffs including one following Daryl in his adventures…overall I really loved the episode and would give it a 9 out of 10 and actually can’t wait for these spinoff shows.

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