1899 Netflix Series Review (Spoilers)

The recently released Netflix series 1899 starts out a bit slow and at first seems like a typical Ghost Ship type movie but by the time you get to the third episode you’re left wondering if this is a ghost movie, a movie about time loops or some kind of matrix type deal…it gets stranger and stranger with each episode and by the end leaves you really wanting a second season so you can see where this story goes.

The series centers on a woman named Maura Chambers who is aboard a ship headed across the ocean on it’s way to America who keeps having memories of herself in a mental hospital but doesn’t understand why and each episode gives us just a little bit more of the truth of her backstory and what’s really going on on this ship. Pretty much every character on the series leaves you wondering what their real story is and why they’re on this ship but that ends up being the least interesting part of the series.

The show really takes a turn for the weird when they get a distress signal from another ship that’s been missing for 4 months and decide to head over there and see if there are any survivors…once aboard the lost ship they find that all of the passengers are missing…except for one, the creepiest little boy you’ve ever seen in a movie…once they board their own ship again we find out another passenger from the lost ship had snuck over to their ship without anyone realizing it and we’re left with two more characters full of mystery.

There’s a lot of Egyptian symbolism such as pyramids and scarabs and maybe even some illuminati stuff going on with the mind’s eye and all that…although by the end of the season yo find out that none of it really has anything to do with the plot of the show which also goes for most of the characters on the ship…aside from Maura, the little boy and the passenger that snuck on their ship from the other one all of the others are pretty much just filler that didn’t even need to be on the series…maybe that will be different if a second season is released but we’ll have to wait and see.

My first clue that the show wasn’t at all what it seemed like was when in someone’s memory their apartment seemed very modern and not at all like it was someone’s home in 1899 and when Maura finally escapes the situation at the end we find out she’s actually aboard space ship in the year 2099..we’re left seeing all the other characters are still stuck in the machine and I’m guessing that’s where the next season will go if it’s ever released, her helping to get all of them out too.

Overall it was a really good show and I’d probably give it an 8 out of 10…certainly worth watching especially if you’re into sci-fi stuff, although the sci-fi stuff isn’t really until the later episodes…the show ends in a a very different way than it starts and is almost a completely different show by the end…I highly suggest checking it out.





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