Trump Running Probably Means 6 More Years Of The Orange Man Bad Rhetoric

There’s two things you can always be sure of when Trump is involved…one, At least half the4 country loves the guy for his straight forwardness, blunt honesty and anti establishment stances…Two, people hating the guy but unsure of even why they do or stating reasons there is absolutely no real proof of…it’s funny how there is way more proof of Biden being crooked than Trump doing anything wrong and yet the media has convinced half the country that the man trying to help them is their enemy…let’s take a look at what people on Twitter are saying about “Orange man bad” today.

Yeah these people threaten to leave Twitter a lot but never actually do…plus if there was any proof at all of Trump doing anything wrong the Democrats would have charged him with something a long time ago…instead they wasted millions of taxpayer money on a fruitless witch hunt with zero evidence.

But yeah sure…he incited violence by explicitly telling people not to be violent…makes total sense…these Trump haters don’t live in reality or in facts.

lol but pardon him for what? he didn’t do anything wrong or break any laws…all he did was threaten the system these crooked politicians make millions from.

Sam Harris lost all credibility when he admitted the Hunter Biden laptop was fine because democracy doesn’t matter when “Orange man bad”

Trump actually just wants to help this country and benefits in no way by being president…it’s actually upended his perfectly comfortable life to do so.

It doesn’t matter why he’s back he’ll bring a ton of traffic back to Twitter and probably save the Anti Trump media’s jobs just by giving them something to whine about for the next 6 years.

Yup the most crooked politician in history is the one in the White House right now and there’s much more proof he’s corrupt than Trump, if there was a shred of evidence against Trump Democrats would have crucified him years ago…you people on the left have been lied to and you should be pissed but instead…you’re just sheep.






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