Antifa Is Trending On Twitter Today Exposing The Hypocrisy Of The Left

Antifa is a leftist faction that claims to be anti-fascism but use typical fascist tactics such as violence and fear to get their ways and express their anger at the system they claim oppresses them…the ironic thing is most of these people are entitled white kids that have never lived a day of oppression in their lives…we haven’t heard about them in awhile but they are trending on Twitter today so I figured I’d share what people are saying and show just how hypocritical the left really is and the double standards they live by on a daily basis.

Antifa thinks anything they don’t agree with is fascism and they don’t care about anyone but themselves, they will attack everyone from women to old people and then act like they’re the victims…this is the result of an entire generation being brainwashed by the media and universities.

Not only have Democrat politicians emboldened and incited these people but they even did a fundraiser to get bail money to get them out of jail at one point, all the way up to Biden and Kamala Harris have openly supported what these people have done.

What these people have done is 100 times worse than January 6th, they are literally domestic terrorists and hopefully now that Republicans have The House maybe they will be labeled as such soon.

Bipartisan as in a bunch of Democrats and a couple Trump hating Republicans…clearly what BLM and Antifa have done is much worse than January 6th…they set fire to a guard house and church right outside the White House one day and Trump had to go into a bunker…how come that isn’t insurrection?

The fact these people think communism is a good thing shows just how ignorant they are to the reality of the world…communism has caused more deaths then even the Nazis dead throughout history.

Yup they think they’re fighting for some grand cause but really they’ve just been conditioned to think that and are actually pawns for the very things they claim to be fighting against.

Antifa is the most entitled group of people in this country right now…they think if you disagree with them in anyway it gives them the right to violently attack you.

And yet Democrats ignore Antifa as though they don’t even exist because they are using Antifa as pawns in their own fascism…ironic isn’t it?






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