The Peripheral Episode 6 Amazon Prime Review (Spoilers)

Episode 6 opens up in 2028 Texas showing us that yes, it was Flynn’s brother’s squad that the future messed with their empathy causing them to toss away their logic and go rescue the dog out on the battlefield and it is how Connor ends up losing his legs and one arm…it makes me wonder how many more things they have their hands in in this timeline.

We are then introduced to a new character Lowbeer who is a police officer in the future working for the Research Institute and we find out later in the episode when she interrogates Zubov that it is almost impossible to lie to these people but they don’t explain exactly why that is which was kind of a let down.

We also find out what happened to Bob and that the town sheriff is in on it and working for Corbell who now has Bob as a prisoner, that arc leaves off at th3 end of the episode with Bob and Corbell’s wife unconscious on the floor leaving us wondering if Bob is going to escape and what his next move might be, will he go after Flynn still or will Corbell be his new target?

As Flynn and Wilf grow closer they together discover that Aelita is a Neoprim and the implications of that are so far unknown but I’m sure there’s something there, they really haven’t explained what the Neoprims are all about yet but they seem to be the enemy of pretty much everyone else in the future.

The episode ends with Flynn, Connor and Burton going into the future together in their new bodies and coming face to face with Lowbeer at Zubov’s place, not really sure what Lowbeer is going to think or do about what Zubov is pulling but she seems to know everything t this point and doesn’t seem too concerned so I guess we’ll see…looking forward to the next episode to see where all these storylines go and when they might intersect with each other. It was an alrighty episode but nothing too major happened , it seemed more like an episode to set things up for later episodes.

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