Kenosha Is Trending Today And There’s Still People Spreading Lies About Kyle Rittenhouse.

People can hate Kyle Rittenhouse and they can hate what he did that night but a lot of people just can’t seem to accept that this was all laid out in a court of law and proven that no…he’s not a murderer, he didn’t bring a weapon across state lines and the people he shot weren’t just some innocent bystanders…yet people still spread and believe all the lies that were told on that night, by the media , by politicians and by leftist rioters who were destroying innocent people’s businesses….let’s take a look at how some people see reality and some people(leftists) only see what they want to see.

Actually…the men he shot were the aggressive ones and he’s literally not a murderer, anyone that watched the footage that night and watched the trial knows this…some people just like to stay ignorant I guess and believe what they want to believe.

He went there that night to protect innocent people from rioters destroying their businesses, if they hadn’t attacked him they’d still be a live…by the way one of them was a pedophile but yeah act like these were great people.

Yup the rioters that night were the criminals and anyone that looked into this for 5 seconds knows the shooting had nothing to do with race, he shot some white dudes and is a white dude…white on white crime I guess?

Yet here you are talking about him…how ironic.

Yeah when you have to make up some ridiculous situation to prove your point you probably don’t have a point to make…he shot three criminals that came after him first…maybe they should have stayed home that night.

The amount of lies told about Kyle Rittenhouse and what happened that night are ridiculous…the people calling him a murderer are the entitled type that think it’s their right to loot and destroy other people’s property and then they call themselves the victims.

The double standards and hypocrisy is astounding sometimes…if they hadn’t run right at a guy with a gun and attacked him nothing would have happened to them…that’s on them not him.

He didn’t shoot people to protect businesses he sot them to protect his own life because he was being assaulted, you can tell none of these people actually watched the trial…sad people.





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