It’s #AmericaRecyclesDay But Will People Do It & What Are People Saying

Trending on Twitter today is #AmericaRecyclesDay but will it really cause more people to recycle? I kind of sadly don’t think so, it seems to me people either care enough to recycle or they don’t…I think taking a different approach at this point might be prudent, human beings are inherently selfish whether you want to admit it or not…I know a lot of people that only recycle cans and bottles because they get that 5 cent deposit back for each one…would it be a good idea to maybe pay people to recycle? maybe by the pound or something? sure it’s not great that we’d have to do that to convince a lot of people to do it but that’s the truth of the situation and wouldn’t it be worth the money to help the planet?

I think there certainly needs to be some new approaches to this stuff because it’s not happening as much as people would like to believe and I think some of the methods climate change activists use just aren’t helping or even hurting in some instances…when you dump paint on buildings and sidewalks or anywhere else really it then has to be cleaned up…usually with some kind of solvent or chemicals and then guess where all that garbage ends up going? Right to a dump or landfill where it affects the environment in a negative way…maybe it’s time we start looking at this issue a little differently but let’s take a look at what people on Twitter are saying on this day when we’re all supposed to be recycling.

Like I said most people just don’t do it and whether you like the fact people need incentive or not maybe it’s time we give them one aside from “it’s good for the planet” because that’s clearly not working.

The sad truth is most people will walk right by these not even paying attention or even throw the wrong stuff in the wrong barrel…if human beings were wonderful we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place.

Some countries have been punishing farmers and blaming them in big part for climate change but the fact is most of them do more to help than the average person, they after all have a good reason to want the environment to stay clean, it’s their living.

Stuff like this might be a good way to get kids interested but most adults are stuck in their ways and a table like this won’t even catch their attention sadly.

I do think most of the solution is on the manufacturer end of things…maybe we can’t get everyone to recycle but we could create products in a way where nothing needs to be recycled.

This is the right way to do things for sure, not only are they getting rid of waste but are turning it into healthy food for farmers to use tp grow food, hopefully lessening their need for fertilizers.

Yeah sometimes the answer isn’t recycling but rather reusing…people tend to throw way too much stuff away that could be reused or repurposed instead.

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