Why People That Deny There Could Be Election Fraud Are Actually The Crazy Ones

First thing I’ll start out by saying I’m not saying any one election was stolen or rigged these midterms but there is certainly a possibility of it happening and at the very least if something seems a little off or there was a very close race there should be an investigation to make sure…every voter should feel confident in the results not just the voters that voted for the winning party…why are people so against these investigations? If nothing wrong was done then nothing will come of them but the fact a lot of Democrats don’t even want these investigations to happen seems a bit off to me.

There’s this narrative now where if you even question an election you’re this crazy person trying to incite violence, this is by design and Democrats used January 6th to make it so even questioning any of it makes you the bad guy automatically…but with mail in voting and votes being counted that came in after election day there are very real possibilities for cheating…and is it really realistic to believe politicians are these great honest people that would never cheat?

Let’s take the Lauren Boebert Colorado district 3 race as an example here…it has been at 1% left to count for days now…that’s around 3000 votes, so why is it taking so long? and is it really crazy to have concerns and questions about that? what’s the harm in an investigation to make sure these races were won fair and square when this kind of stuff comes up?

For people that like to think there’s no real way to steal an election I’ll give a scenario as to how it could be done…once election day is over it’s easy to get a list of everyone that voted…which means it’s just as easy to get a list of people that didn’t vote. When votes that come in days late are still counted what keeps people from getting a group together with this list and forging votes in a room somewhere? All of the sudden 3 or 4 days later just the right amount of votes show up for certain people to win…does that really not seem possible to anyone? are people really convinced politicians would never do this kind of thing?

99 percent of politicians are rotten and crooked people, lying is their job and they’re great at it…to me the crazy ones are the people who have convinced themselves that no politician would cheat an election if they had a way to do it…and when you’re not even supposed to accuse them or you’re “inciting violence” it makes it even easier for them to do so…both parties are extremely corrupt and as long as there are ways and possibilities for them to cheat it’s more realistic to believe they’re doing it then to believe they never would…come on people, these are the most dishonest and corrupt people on the planet…being okay with it or turning a blind eye just because it happens to be the party you support benefitting from it is a mistake because it’s only a matter of time until it’s turned against you…elections should be run in a manner where there is not even a possibility of the choice being taken away from voters…that’s the real death of democracy.




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