Titans Season 4 Episode 3 Review (Spoilers)

The third episode of the new season of Titans sees our group of heroes split off into groups of two and heads down three different storylines all related but separate and further carves out each hero’s personal journey and origins…surprisingly though there was no further mention of Lex Luthor so it appears maybe he really is dead for good…I expected him to come back somehow seeing he’s such a major villain.

The first group of two is Tim Drake and Connor Kent who stay behind in Metropolis at S.T.A.R. Labs to investigate the forensic side of the occult figures they’re facing and for Tim Drake to practice his Robin skills so he can become a full fledged hero. While Tim practices fighting in VR Connor tries to find the origins of the occult symbol they’ve been seeing and finally ends up connecting it all to Sebastian while Sebastian ends up in jail framed for a murder…the episode also takes the chance to show that Connor isn’t just brute strength but has the intelligence of Lex Luthor.

Our second group of two is Raven and Beast Boy who end up on a journey of self discovery. Raven is discovering how free she feels without her powers and while feeling guilty for not being able to help the team much she also feels tempted to say this way as she doesn’t have to feel everyone’s pain and anguish all the time. Beast boy further delves into the voices he’s been hearing and visions he’s been having and starts relating it to the skinwalker legends of the Native Americans…I really liked this whole storyline as the legends of Native Americans have always interested me a lot and I’m looking forward to seeing where this all leads in the end.

The last group of two is Nightwing and Starfire who end up going to look for Jinx so they can get some help figuring out all this magic stuff that they’re just not equipped to deal with…the introduction of Jinx was pretty good and I felt it was a pretty decent representation of the character, plus her discussion with Dick while they’re driving has him name dropping Two-Face so now we know he exists in this universe…Starfire ends up turned to stone because of a magical object that Jinx wants to steal and while Dick and Jinx go to find a way to turn her back she ends up having a vision where it seems like there’s more for her in store as far as her home planet goes but they don’t really give specifics yet…Jinx and Dick end up fighting some Dark Elves, who didn’t really impress me too much, then they go back and turn Starfire back to normal.

The episode ends with Sebastian nearly joining forces with Mother Mayhem but Connor and the rest of the team get to him at the last second and take him with them…he’s clearly going to be bad at some point but we’ll have to wait to see when that happens…we’ve seen a few times on the show people chanting “Azarath Metrion Zinthos” which makes me think this greater mystery relates to Raven mostly as that was always her little catch phrase but we’ll have to wait and see if she even gets her powers back…I think this season is turning out to be one of my favorites so far and hopefully it just gets better, I’m looking forward to the next episode.






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