The Peripheral Episode 5 Amazon Prime Review (Spoilers)

The newest episode of the Amazon Prime series where a woman uses a mysterious VR headset to connect the near future with the distant future is out now and shows the series has real potential of becoming a long-term sci-fi favorite with it’s almost endless possibilities of future technology and complicated interconnected storylines.

The episode starts by introducing us the a new character named Bob or “The Butcher” who turns out to be a long retired hitman, he’s contacted by the people in the future at the Research Institute and is hesitant to take them up on their offer to kill Flynn for them but in the end is forced into the situation when they threaten his daughter…it then shows us just how deadly he is by introducing another criminal who happens to be the one that wants to hurt his daughter and showing us how easily and quickly he kills this man, his sons and all his men…I will say though he must have been rusty because we see twice that he could have been shot but only survived because the two men that shot at him were horrible shots.

We then switch over to a flashback of sorts where we get to see the beginning of Aelita’s plan taking shape when she visits her ex at the Research Institute and we see how she ended up gaining access and information about the inner workings of the company. In a passing line we are also told that the haptics Flynn’s brother and his military buddies have are actually also technology sent back into the stub the same way the headset and Flynn’s mom’s medication was…so unbeknownst to the Research Institute they sent back technology that is actually helping the woman they are trying to kill.

Flynn’s mother ends up discovering the bodies they buried in the back yard so they have to fill her in on what’s going on and also she takes it all a lot better than expected she ends up making a great point…these people in the future aren’t just giving them all this money and this medication for nothing and could take it all away at anytime if Flynn doesn’t do exactly what they want, so they kind of have Flynn over a barrel now. So Flynn ends up going into the future and confronting Cherise at the Research Institute to let her know she can get to her the same way Cherise can get to Flynn in the past and snaps the neck of Cherise while she is seemingly inside her own peripheral.

We also get to see Bob the Butcher put his plan into place while he waits on a bridge for Flynn and her brother to be coming home from a doctor’s appointment, Flynn’s best friend ends up stopping on the bridge and becomes suspicious of Bob and is still on the bridge when Flynn arrives and a shootout commences. Flynn is nearly killed by ends up unharmed thanks to her brother and her best friend both being armed and Bob ends up arrested and in the back of a police car…On the way to the police station the police car is rammed and mysterious men in an invisible car take Bob and leave but don’t kill the officer…I think this might be the end of Bob but will be introducing us to an even worse group of men that are going to get more involved in the storyline.

This episode helped explain a lot of things while at the same time adding some new mystery into the show and at this point I could see the show going on for quite some time…the biggest question by the end of this episode is who are these men that took Bob? Are they more hitman hired by the Research Institute? Or are they the people that have been trying to Find Bob for years now to make him pay for his crimes…and whose side are they really on? I’m certainly looking forward to the next episode and seeing more of the story fleshed out and revealed.





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