Titans Season 4 Episodes 1 and 2 Review HBO Max (Spoilers)

The first two episodes of the new season of Titans is out and the gritty dark take on The young superhero team is looking like it’s going to get even darker this season…as with most first episodes the first episode was a little slow but went to work setting up the rest of the season and I’m certainly looking forward to seeing the rest.

One element of the new season is going to be setting up the origins of Tim Drake the new Robin, they barely touched on it at the end of last season but are getting further into explaining the ins and outs of this version of Robin…I’ve always thought of Tim Drake as the intelligent technology driven Robin and they seem to be going the technology route at least but as of now still haven’t put him in a Robin costume.

One thing I wasn’t a fan of is how they teased Superman in the first episode and I had hoped to see their take on him in the second but they copped out and had him off planet all of the sudden, it would have been nice to see the first meeting of him and SuperBoy Connor Kent…maybe in the future who knows but at this point it seems kind of doubtful as I’m sure there’s some licensing issues getting him on the show.

Lex Luthor however was brought in again and I think it’s a great take on him but very surprisingly they killed him off rather quickly which I think is kind of a mistake…he’s a great character and could add a lot of intensity to the series, one of the only normal humans on the planet that really pose a threat to the Titans…but I do get why they killed him off too as having him as the villain would greatly downplay any other villains they try to bring into the show.

It appears that Raven is going to play a big part again in this season as the two villains they are bringing in seem to revolve around magic and they already seem to be portraying Raven as the main way the Titans can fight them…mother Mayhem and Brother Blood are the two villains so far I believe and it will be interesting to see where they go with these two characters…the actor that plays who I believe to be Brother Blood also played Klaus on The Originals and I thought he was the best part of that show so I think he’s going to be a bright spot in this season.

So far I like where the series seems to be going this season and that they’re not afraid to have a lot of blood and violence and keep that grittiness that makes the series stand out from other comic book shows…I mean the whole giant snake crawling out people’s throats to kill them was pretty awesome…I’ll be looking forward to seeing each new episode as the weeks go on here…I believe the final one will be released in early December and it’s nice to have some good TV to watch until then.






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