Dave Chapelle To Host SNL and Writers Boycott Because They Forgot What Comedy Is

Saturday Night Live announced that Dave Chapelle will be hosting on November 12 which made the majority of people happy…maybe SNL will be funny again for one week…but a few of the writers are boycotting and as usual the trans activists are totally comfortable throwing lots of hate in a black man’s direction.

The thing trans activists don’t seem to understand is that the very essence of comedy is making fun of our differences in an attempt to bring people together by laughing about them rather than hating each other for them…Dave Chapelle tells jokes about every group of people on the planet…let it be black or white, straight or gay, women or men but trans people are the only group that seems to think they should be given some kind of immunity from jokes being told about them…sorry but you don’t get some special protections that literally nobody else on earth gets.

It will be the first episode of SNL that I watch in years and I’m sure I’m not alone in that…SNL has really gone downhill since they’ve started bending to the woke crowd and designing their jokes to only offend a couple types of people…mainly conservatives…I for one really hope the show doesn’t cave to these crybabies…there’s this whole generation that can’t handle life, they can’t even handle a joke being told about them and they expect the whole world to change to protect their feelings…that’s not how the real world works and I’d hate to see how these people handle actual hardships because if jokes do this to you you’re just going to crumble under the harsh reality of the world we live in.

Trans activists will say things like “Transphobia is murder” and “Words are violence” but literally not a single person has ever heard a joke about trans people and then thought “hmmm I should go out and be violent now”…you’re welcome to view the world however you want, you’re welcome to view gender however you want but not everyone shares that way of seeing things and the more you push to force people to or punish anyone that doesn’t the more resistance you’ll meet.

I as well as many other people are very much looking forward to seeing the funniest man on the planet make SNL good again for a night…if you don’t like Dave Chapelle then don’t watch, problem solved….if he was making jokes about cisgender people none of you would care…and neither would cisgender people…thicken your skin a bit they’re just jokes and they’re being told by one of the greatest comedians of all time…If SNL caves to these people it’s such a huge mistake on their part…it’s such a small very loud minority of people that feel this way and every other group of people he tells jokes about are fine with it and even laugh at themselves…the best humor is offensive humor and nobody on the planet gets protection from being offended…maybe try laughing about it rather than crying over it.



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