Why The Ron DeSantis Victory Shows Trump’s Power In The Republican Party Is Over

Although a red wave didn’t wash across America last night like Republicans expected there was a red wave that washed over pretty much the entire state of Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis won an overwhelming victory with something like 1.5 million votes more than his opponent Charlie Crist, even winning traditionally Democrat counties like Miami Dade…but what does this say about the future of the Republican party?

Up until recently most people thought of Trump and DeSantis as two cogs in the same machine but Trump started drawing a line in the sand not long ago , perhaps knowing he may be running against Ron DeSantis in the future, he recently called DeSantis “Ron Desanctimonious” which I believe split supporters into two groups…the ones that still wanted Trump as their next president and the ones that are looking forward to someone new representing the party.

The victory by Ron DeSantis showed that he can pull in moderate and independent voters which I don’t believe is something Trump can do any longer…Trump has become this very divisive figure where some people hate him so much they’ll vote for a horrible candidate rather than voting for him…not to mention a lot of Trump backed candidates did not do well in the midterms last night showing more people want what Ron DeSantis is selling than what Trump is these days

I’m not a Trump hater, I think he did some good things as president but I am also not a Trump supporter, I have never voted for the man…I’m an Anarchist who typically votes Libertarian, yeah some people might consider that a wasted vote but they are the closest thing I get to a candidate that represents what I want for the country…but it does allow me to view these situations from a third party perspective and not a hardcore supporter of either main party and from where I’m sitting it looks like Ron DeSantis is the better bet in 2024 for Republicans…I honestly think it would be a waste of money for Trump to even run at this point but I’m sure he will anyway…but in my opinion Ron DeSantis is the future of the Republican party not Trump and I think anyone that isn’t a diehard Trump fan would agree with me.




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