How The Trans Community Is Causing Issues For The Rest Of The LGBTQ+ Community

I grew up in the 90s when there was still a good amount of stigma associated with being gay but as I got older I watched it become more normalized and was all for it…I watched same sex marriage become accepted by the vast majority of people in this country…watched TV and movies starting to include gay characters more and more and very few people had issue with it by the time the 2000s hit…but once the trans stuff became more mainstream I started seeing pushback against the entire LGBTQ+ community and it’s all to do with this push for kids to have gender surgeries and hormones and puberty blockers.

I think most people pushing back against this stuff with “trans kids” don’t have any issue at all with adults being trans and living whatever lives they want to live but when they see such a big push for there to be gender surgeries for children and drag shows for kids and any of that kind of stuff they associate all of that with the entire LGBTQ+ community and it’s setting things back a lot for that community.

There’s this belief that if you’re against children having this stuff done then you’re against trans rights and that’s just not true…I really don’t see anyone saying trans people shouldn’t be able to be trans…it is 100% about the kids and the fact they’re not mature enough to understand the repercussions of these decisions…one of the arguments in favor of it is that these medical associations like WPATH have set guidelines so they must know what’s good for the kids except there haven’t been many long term studies at all as this stuff being done to kids is very recent…not to mention the people pushing these guidelines have an agenda and will make a lot of money by pushing for these procedures on children.

Another argument is that these kids will be suicidal without these procedures being done but that’s just not true either…the only long-term study done was from 1973-2003 on just over 300 participants…and that study showed suicide rates are actually highest 7 -10 years after being medically transitioned…the kids having these things done to them right now are basically the guinea pigs and there was a time when nobody would have been okay with this stuff.

I’m Asexual and some people would include me in the LGBTQ+ community because of that but I don’t count myself as part of the community because I don’t want to be associated with being in support of this stuff being done to kids…and I know a lot of other people in the LGBTQ+ community don’t support it either but trans activists can be brutal when you disagree with them…people get banned from social media, fired from jobs and even have had their kids taken away for disagreeing with this stuff being done to kids so I think most people just don’t speak out against it…even trans people that de-transition are demonized by the trans community for it…it’s just not worth it for most people to speak up and say they don’t agree.

When people hear LGBTQ+ now they pretty much just think about the trans community, so when people see the trans community pushing so hard for this stuff to be done to kids they just assume it’s all of the LGBTQ+ community and it’s causing people to see all of that in a different light again…it’s bringing the stigma back and that’s not fair to the rest of the LGBTQ+ community because many actually don’t agree kids are mature enough to consent to this stuff…it’s started this narrative that everyone in that community are groomers and most people know that’s not true…but when people push for kids to be sterilized, for drag shows to be in schools or just for kids in general or for sexual explicit books to be put in elementary schools and middle schools it’s going to cause people to pushback not just against the trans community but the entire LGBTQ+ community because everyone is just lumped into this one big community together.

I don’t really even understand why the trans community got included in the LGB stuff, it’s a completely different kind of thing…it’s not about who they are attracted to ort sexuality at all…it’s about who they feel they are and I think the LGB community and trans community should be two completely different communities…by lumping everyone together in one big label it’s doing harm to the rest of that community…nobody wants to take away trans people’s rights…we just want kids to wait until they’re 18 to make those very real and permanent decisions…like we do with so many other things…and that shouldn’t be so much to ask.




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