Kid Rock is trending for calling out Oprah over the Fetterman endorsement

081217-N-0696M-175.Grammy award winning musician Kid Rock, American Idol contestant and country musician Kellie Pickler and musician Zack Brown entertain troops stationed at Kandahar, Afghanistan during the 2008 USO Holiday Tour. (DoD photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley/Released)

So there’s been a lot of opinions since Oprah endorsed Fetterman over Oz recently since Oprah was mostly responsible for Dr. Oz’s rise in fame over the years but one name I didn’t expect to come up in this little debate was Kid Rock…he recently called Oprah a fraud since she obviously thought Dr. Oz was a great guy at one point or she wouldn’t have pushed his career so much…I suppose he has a point but people do change their minds about people…you never really truly know anyone, even those you’re closest to.

On a side not Kid Rock was recently on Bill Maher’s Club Random podcast and I suggest everyone check it out…it was refreshing to see two people with very different perspectives disagree and debate a little without hating each other for it…we need more of that in this country again.

Kid Rock is an open Trump supporter and of course that’s going to rub some people the wrong way so people online had plenty to say when he came out with his opinion about the Oprah endorsement of Fetterman, let’s take a look at what people are saying.

Here’s the post that got everyone talking, it’s got me curious wondering what Oprah’s actually opinion of Dr. Oz is these days.

Good point, people do tend to just go with what’s popular and meets the least resistance these days…if you come out as a Trump supporter half the country automatically hates you so it takes some balls in a way.

Is he really picking a fight though? it’s just his opinion and expressing an opinion shouldn’t mean picking a fight…although it does most of the time these days.

Hate the guy if you want but he is a millionaire just from his music and if I’m correct I believe his shows now sell out better than they ever have.

People really overuse the term white supremacist now to the point where it almost has no meaning anymore…you either have the one accepted set of beliefs in this country now or you’re a white supremacist and Nazi it seems.

I don’t think I ever remember him pretending to be poor though…he has a style that he’s maintained to this day and he knows everyone knows he has money now.

I see a lot more people on the left talking about this than anyone on the right…is basing who you vote on by who Oprah likes really any better?

You can be rich and be a redneck though…I don’t think he’s pretending anything.

Two sides to every story I guess…some people hate him for it and some people love him for it…our country really is just split in two these days.





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