Review of Amazon Prime’s The Peripheral so far (Spoilers)

With only three episodes out so far there’s only so much to be said about the new Amazon Prime series starring Chloe Grace Moretz as Flynn Fisher, a small town girl who just so happens to be amazing at virtual reality combat games…also starring Jack Reynor as Burton Fisher, Flynn’s ex-military brother and Gary Carr as Wilf Netherton, Flynn’s contact within the virtual type world that half the series takes place in.

I like that the name has duo meaning as peripheral can mean the accessories used for gaming but also the peripheral nervous system in the human body which comes into play with the full body haptic system that Flynn’s brother and all his Ex-military buddies have installed within them.

I think the show is certainly an interesting take on where certain technologies could end up going in a few years from now…the initial VR game we see Flynn hop into and play seems crazy but at the same time like it’s possible in a few years…the soldier’s haptic systems also seem like something the military would do in the future or for all I know are already doing.

The show get’s more interesting when Flynn’s brother has her test out a new device for him that he is getting paid to beta test, seeing she is much better at the VR games than he is he thought she was the better choice and so she hops on in and this is when we’re introduced to this whole other world where the “VR” seems to be on a whole other level where you feel like it’s actually you inside of it not just you playing a game.

Chloe Grace Moretz signing autographs

As much as I love the uniqueness of the series so far I have found a few of the plot points to be convenient or extremely predictable…such as the fact she’s not in a game at all but in the body of a android of some kind that actually exists somewhere in the world…also found it a bit convenient that she ends up with these bad people coming after her but just so happens to have a whole group of special forces dudes just drinking beer at her house at the time…also the small town drug dealer down the street just to have another bad guy easier to toss into the story seems a bit cliche.

I will say though that the fact she’s actually in the future when within the “peripheral” did throw me off, I wasn’t expecting that part and as the show goes on I’m finding it pretty fun to see all these ideas for what technology might be like in the future…cloaking cars, moving tattoos…it’s definitely the kind of stuff I love seeing in a sci-fi show.

So although I don’t think it’s a perfect show by any means I do find myself looking forward to seeing the next episode, which I guess is what really matters with a TV series…I certainly suggest it for anyone that’s a fan of futuristic sci-fi shows…I could see them taking this show in so many different directions and my hope is they take it in a direction I’m not even thinking of…it’s only three episodes in so far but I’m already giving it a thumbs up and have suggested it to a few friends…it’s certainly worth checking out.




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