Trans Rights Is Trending On Twitter Yet There’s No Real Honest Discussion About It

Personally I believe trans adults deserve all the same rights as anyone else but it’s always an all or nothing discussion…you either accept everything the trans community wants or you’re a transphobe and I think pretending there isn’t nuance to this issue isn’t doing anyone any favors…rather than having discussions people just name call back and forth and nobody is listening to each other….I don’t think the majority of people are opposed to trans rights as much as they’re opposed to surgeries and hormones for children…young girls sharing locker rooms with biological males that are attracted to biological women…women having to compete against people that have an edge against them, you can deny that if you want but if men and women aren’t different at all….then why the need for surgery and hormones in the first place?

As a parent I can tell you one thing that pisses all parents off…someone else trying to tell them how to parent…so when there’s a push to cut parents right out of the discussion and decisions involved for trans youth that is going to be a big problem for a lot of people…the majority of people don’t want to stop trans adults from existing or living their lives how they want…it’s just when trans rights happen to impede on other people’s rights that there is pushback…whether that be the rights of parents or women…by denying this exists it just guarantees there will always be a division about this stuff instead of actual discussions where we can try and make each other understand our different perspectives…I think everyone should be entitled to their own beliefs and worldview…but when anyone tries to force other people to share those beliefs that’s when it becomes a very big problem.

Let’s take a look at what both sides of this issue are saying on Twitter and I’ll do my best to try and see where everyone is coming from…

See here I agree that trans rights are human rights…but to make this an all or nothing situation denies the nuance…if you disagree with gender surgeries for children it doesn’t mean you have anything against trans people…there are a lot of rights minors aren’t granted until they’re 18 because they’re not mature enough to make those decisions…that’s where parents come in, it’s our job to make the right decisions for our children…trying to take that from parents will get more and more pushback.

See I agree with this…no surgery that changes who you are as a person fundamentally should be allowed on minors…but why are the intersex surgeries not okay but then you look at gender surgeries for minors through a whole different lens? I think until someone is 18 let them be who they were born as and at that point if they want to change that they’re old enough to properly make that decision.

I have this same question, it seems like the rights of trans people are supposed to override the rights of other people….you can deny it but the truth is to give trans people all the rights they want we have to squash the rights of women in some ways, parents and children…there needs to be more honest discussion about this stuff because this all or nothing tactic isn’t going to work.

See this TERF stuff is kind of ridiculous…by demanding that trans women and biological women are the same thing, biological women’s rights end up taking a back seat to trans rights and not being okay with that shouldn’t make someone a bad person…it’s reality…if biological women and trans women were no different then nobody would have to take hormones or have surgeries…refusing to have this conversations is just the same as being in denial.

The bathroom stuff I couldn’t care less about, there’s typically private stalls but he still has a point…why are we making it so trans rights overrule anyone else’s rights when they end up clashing?

These agree with us or else tactics aren’t helping anyone in the long term…yes trans people should have the right to exist and live their lives just like everyone else…and people should also have the right to not share that view…it’s not trans rights people are opposed to it’s when their “rights” take away the rights of other groups of people.

Trying to force and punish people for not seeing the world the way you do will never end well for anyone…you can be trans and people can also believe in traditional biology…you still exist…can’t force people legally or otherwise to see things from your perspective.

It seems to me these days that trans rights are the only rights that matter to the left anymore…even if they shit all over another group’s rights.

Yea the “or else” attitude is just going to cause more people to disagree with you.

Like I said I think trans adults should have all the same rights as anyone else but the trans community refuses to have honest discussions about the nuances to this…like child surgeries and hormones, women’s sports or just the fact that “women’s rights” basically just mean trans rights these days…and parents should never be cut out of major decisions in their children’s lives…refusing to have these honest conversations is the issue…not trans rights.

I’m sure any trans person that happens to read this will hate me immediately…that’s okay, you have the right to feel how you want…but I don’t hate you…we just disagree on some things and that used to be okay.




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