The Two Very Different Narratives Being Pushed About Paul Pelosi’s Attacker David DePape

We seem to live in a world where when something big happens there is always two contradicting narratives coming out about it and that is certainly the case in the Paul Pelosi attack and his attacker’s beliefs and motivations…I’m not writing this to say who is right as I believe details about all of this are still emerging but I found it interesting how so many people on both sides can be so sure they know without a doubt what really happened…even though none of us have many details at all about it…so I thought it would be interesting to share some Tweets from both sides in the same place and show the stark differences in what people believe in this country these days.

I haven’t seen this police report as of it but perhaps it’s true but on the other hand if you were a leftist that wanted to make the right look bad right before the elections isn’t this exactly what you’d say to police? there’s always multiple ways of looking at things…this guy’s hatred for people that disagree with him is palpable though, kind of sad that’s the world we live in today.

So he seemingly wasn’t even a citizen of this country, which begs the question did he really care that much about our politics either way? The thing is everyone automatically assumes if he hated Nancy Pelosi he must be a Trumper…I think if you polled Democrats though you’d find many of them don’t like her at all either.

I did read this interview the other day which points to him being a leftist at some point…but on the other hand it doesn’t really mean he still was as I believe the interview was from 2013…see once again two very different ways to look at this. No reason to hate each other for seeing it differently.

So some people are claiming he said things like this to police but others are claiming he said he was after Nancy Pelosi…without seeing the actual police report which do you believe if either? and why are people sharing supposed quotes from that report but not the report itself?

So I’ve seen many claims like this but nobody showing actual examples of him supporting anyone on either side…are we really just jumping to assumptions on things like this or is there some evidence proving this we haven’t seen but some people were privy to?

Well at least two things I have seen evidence of…he was a nudist and he was mentally ill…neither says much about his politics though.

I still haven’t seen solid evidence he leaned either way politically….isn’t this the very kind of rhetoric she’s warning against? “hold them accountable”…You don’t think that might cause violence towards some people on the right…I think both sides need to stop this kind of talk…the truth is this man regardless of his politics was mentally ill and his actions are not indicative of a normal person’s behavior.

Well at least this links to the actual police report…but to assume this answers all the questions is to assume DePape is being honest with police…we can’t be sure of that yet.

Although it certainly doesn’t look like your typical Trumper’s residence it really doesn’t prove much either way…for all we know someone else living there was the one putting stuff out front.

He makes an interesting point…it seems unlikely there isn’t security cameras at that home…I’m not saying I believe one narrative over the other right now just that I would like to see more evidence before jumping to conclusions…about an hour after it happened you had people on both sides coming up with all kinds of scenarios

Either way I think this situation exposes a big problem in our country today…everything that happens is made into some political issue to make people hate each other even more than they already do….I’m not sure the division in this country has ever been this bad….we have a mental health epidemic in this country and not a single person is discussing that aspect of the case and how to remedy that…no matter what this mans political beliefs it doesn’t prove either side are all terrible people…I don’t like either political party, I hate the government and the out of hand control it has over our lives now…I’m an Anarchist through and through…but what I don’t do is hate people on either side because of what they support or believe…20 years ago politics was never like this…people barely talked about their politics except right around elections and even then they agreed to disagree for the most part…I think the discussion should be how can we stop the division and hate towards each other in this country…not an effort by both sides to use this to demonize and dehumanize the entire other side.





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