How The Left’s Reaction To Paul Pelosi Attack Shows Their True Colors

By now pretty much every news outlet has covered the details of the attack on Paul Pelosi, husband of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi so I’m not going to go over the details of the attack again but instead focus on people’s reactions to the attack…I think any normal decent human being thought it was a horrible thing when they heard about it, regardless of political beliefs…no good person should hear about something like this and think “yeah take that guy I don’t agree with”…but one of my first thoughts was that the left was going to attribute this to “those evil racist MAGA Republicans” and they didn’t disappoint in that aspect.

The mainstream media almost immediately made this a political tool and started labeling the attacker David DePape as a right wing extremist…their evidence for that? He believed in some crazy conspiracy theories…umm yeah he’s severely mentally ill according to pretty much anyone that knew him…regardless of political beliefs delusion is often a symptom of severe mental illness…I’m not going to attribute this to his politics as the left is trying so hard to do but I am going to point out some facts that actually point to the fact he’s more likely a leftist than a right wing extremist.

Picture of attacker David DePape and the outside of his home

when his neighbors were asked about him after the attack they described the house he lived in as “A hippie commune” and there is a huge pride flag hanging outside said house….he’s also a known nudist and ran his own little hemp jewelry business…yea none of these things prove anything but do you really think any of that points towards “right wing extremism”…he was also a registered member of the green party which is a leftist movement and does not align with the right in the slightest…but the most damning evidence is the exclusive interview with the mother of his children Gypsy Taub where she was quoted as saying “Well when I met him, he was only 20 years old ,and he didn’t have any experience in politics, and he was very much in alignment with my views and I’ve always been very progressive. I absolutely admire Nancy Pelosi.”…it is very unlikely he went from that to right wing extremism.

I’m not going to do what the left is doing and try and be like “man these leftists are all crazy and violent” as the actions of one severely mentally ill man is not indicative of how normal people on either side act but I do think that it’s pretty outrageous that the left is painting this narrative that he was some crazy MAGA Republican without any real proof of it and also trying to claim this is how all Republicans are…which is pretty crazy in itself to actually believe…I’m going to share some tweets I found about the incident just to show how the left will take any opportunity to paint the other side as evil and dehumanize them plus some from people on the right to show the difference.

People on the right typically want all the details and the truth and aren’t jumping right to blaming leftists for this attack.

As you can see people on the left like Hillary Clinton immediately jumped to blaming those that disagree with her…but more and more evidence is coming out that there’s more to this story than they’re telling us.

He has a point…the Crazy MAGA Republican narrative doesn’t make any sense the more details that come out.

And then people on the left do this stuff….WAAAAAAH it’s MAGA…without any real evidence.

Actually I didn’t see any Republicans making those claims, just pointing out facts and trying to make sense of the truth of the situation….and the left just goes MAGA bad…TRUTH bad…na na na we can’t hear you…that’s the left.

I for one choose to believe the evidence and not the rhetoric.





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