Election Meddling Ad Agencies Threaten To Pull Ads From Twitter If Trump Is Reinstated

I’ll start by saying I have never voted for Trump and chances are I won’t vote for him if he runs in 2024 either, I’m an anarchist and I really do despise the government on both sides…but something I despise just as much is double standards…We can’t have one side allowed to do and say whatever they want and one side silenced every time they dare to have an opinion.

An Advertising agency called GroupM has threatened to pull their business from Twitter if Elon Musk allow Donald Trump back on the platform, which in my opinion is a corporation sticking their noses a little too far into our democratic elections…Trump is most likely going to run again in 2024 and whether you love or hate the guy if he does run he deserves to have the same level of exposure as any other candidate…maybe you’re alright with stuff like this because you hate Trump so you don’t really care…but what happens when these corporations dislike a candidate you support? You need to be careful what kind of tyranny and meddling you support because chances are eventually it will be turned on you.

The left used to be the side I related to the most…anti establishment…anti corporations….now whether they realize it or not they are supporting and rallying behind the very same machine they used to fight against…what happened? I hear all this talk about Fascism and Oligarchies these days but then see people totally okay with this kind of stuff just because it’s directed at people they don’t like…Social media, Twitter especially is where politicians get most of their messages out and draw in the most support…to deny any politician that is running the same benefits as the rest get is a way of swaying elections.

I get people think Trump being on Twitter was the cause of January 6th but as far as I can find anywhere he never told anyone to do what happened there that day….If we’re going to start going after politicians for generic rhetoric then we need to go after all of them because they all do this stuff…that’s politics now…get people angry or afraid so they’ll vote for you and not the other person…people did some stupid stuff on January 6th but nobody is responsible for that except those people….there’s also this narrative that police officers died that day….this isn’t true though…the only death that day was one of the rioters…there was an officer that died of a stroke a couple weeks later….and two that committed suicide months later and for whatever reason mainstream media attributes these deaths to that day with zero evidence that that’s the case.

The double standards I was talking about at the beginning of this are in full effect when you see that Hillary Clinton released a video claiming Republicans are going to steal the 2024 election…how come we seek to prosecute Trump for making claims like that but it’s totally fine for Hillary to do it? Do you really think that if Trump wins in 2024 there won’t be riots now? and if there are should we legally go after Hillary Clinton for incitement? It’s not the first time Democrats have made claims like that either…ever since Trump won in 2016 they’ve been claiming he stole the election with help from Russia…with absolutely no proof to back those claims…I just think both sides should have to play by the same rules…here’s her video.


Regardless of those double standards literally nobody should want big corporations deciding who gets to run in our elections or who gets to have exposure to rally support…there’s so much more of this kind of stuff that goes on behind the scenes that none of us should be okay with that we just accept now…like lobbyists paying politicians off…the truth is Trump probably won’t even come back on Twitter as he stated earlier this year that he wouldn’t return even if he could but if Elon Musk was to allow him there certainly shouldn’t be big corporations putting pressure on anyone to silence any possible presidential nominee…we’ve let these corporations get away with way too much as it is…are we really going to start being okay with this kind of stuff from them too?





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