Why the People Whining and Freaking Out About Elon Musk Buying Twitter Are Basically Delusional

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Ever since it was announced that Elon Musk might buy Twitter there has been a panic on the left with people saying things like “This is the end of free speech” or people claiming Elon Musk was some fascist that was going to be unfair to people he disagrees with but the truth of the matter is far from what these people are thinking or claiming…let’s take a look at why these claims are not just wrong but the opposite of the truth.

For years now Twitter has practiced this one sided censorship where one side can say and do whatever they want with no repercussions and the other side can’t even share their opinions without being suspended or banned for them…the people on the left know this to be true even if they won’t outright admit it and that’s why they’re worried this tactic is going to be flipped and used against them…it’s not though, the truth of it is what’s going to happen is the people the left disagrees with will get to have a voice again and for some reason that scares the shit out of them…Elon Musk is an advocate for real free speech, not just free speech if you have the correct beliefs and opinions….the very heart of free speech is you should want it for everyone, especially those you disagree with or even hate…people only being allowed to have and express one set of beliefs and opinions is not how the world is supposed to work…nobody is going to be censoring people on the left…the only censorship Twitter is going to have moving forward is censoring actual violations of law…such as threats of violence and illegal pornography…opinions, no matter how drastic or even how wrong should never be censored, they never should have been.

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The idea of hate speech has been warped to allow for this one sided censoring…hate speech is someone calling for violence against a group of people , it’s not someone disagreeing with you…The trans movement is a perfect example of how the idea of hate speech has been changed to suit people with certain beliefs…If someone chooses to believe in traditional Biology trans people will claim it’s a threat to their very existence, so then they can claim it’s hate speech and shut down those opinions…but guess what? many people still believe there are only two genders and trans people still exist…woah look at that it wasn’t actually a threat to your existence…imagine if Christians handled things this same way, you either believe in their religion and God or you should be shunned and shut out of society…oh wait that did happen, it was called the crusades and a ton of people died because of it…the world has always been filled with many different kinds of people with many different beliefs and opinions…trying to force everyone to share the same ones has never ended well…it always leads down a road to very bad and dangerous things.

If you’re in denial about the fact this censorship has been one sided let me give a few examples proving it…The Hunter Biden laptop story was blocked from every social media site, people were suspended and even banned permanently for reporting on the story…and guess what? it was true…although sadly many people still believe it wasn’t…because they were only allowed to hear one side of it…the side claiming it was Russian disinformation…it’s been proven beyond a doubt it was true now though….now look at the other side where news outlets and every leftist in the world kept claiming Trump stole the 2016 election with help from Russia…there was absolutely no evidence of this yet even to this day people are still allowed to make that claim and they don’t get suspended or banned…or look at a more general example, if you misgender someone on twitter you’ll get suspended or banned almost immediately…yet people can post on Twitter calling for the death of all white people and nobody does a thing about it…and no that isn’t hyperbole, I have seen actual posts saying that very thing…I’m not a fan of censorship at all but if you’re going to have it then it needs to be enforced equally against everyone…but the people in charge at Twitter have beliefs and opinions too and sadly they let that affect how they enforced these lopsided rules.

So no, Elon Musk buying Twitter is not going to take away anyone’s rights to share their beliefs, you’ll still be able to post all the same stuff you were before as a leftist or liberal…the only difference now will be people you disagree with will have that same right…I’m an Anarchist so I believe a certain amount of chaos is good for the world…the best kind of chaos is passionate debates from people disagreeing with each other…so you can either adapt to the new Twitter and take part in these debates…or you can always block everyone you disagree with and keep living in that echo chamber some people seem to need so badly…Elon Musk isn’t going to ruin Twitter, he’s going to make it what it always should have been…and if you’re afraid of people that disagree with you having a voice then you should really stop and take a long hard look at why that is…because that is not a normal way of seeing the world.





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