Why G4TV is Total Garbage and You should Avoid it

G4TV was a big part of a lot of us growing up, It was really the first ever TV station devoted to gaming and gaming alone…The original hosts became legends of sort in the gaming industry and some went on to have decent careers outside G4TV such as Olivia Munn. Morgan Webb, Kevin and even Adam Sessler were also a huge part of the success of G4TV but as I’ll explain in a few here Adam Sessler has gone off the rails and is possibly the worst thing about G4TV…When I heard that G4TV was coming back I can’t tell you how excited I was but that excitement turned into disappointment pretty quickly and I’ll explain why in the rest of this article.

We’ll start with one of the new hosts Frosk and her recent rant about sexism in gaming that came across more like an attack on all men not just the sexist ones…I’m sure she had good intentions going into this rant but it didn’t come across as a statement but more like a lecture to all male gamers and seeing that’s most of their viewers it seemed like a really stupid move…She complained that men only watched G4TV back in the day because Olivia Munn and Morgan Webb were attractive…although I agree they were that’s not the only reason they were popular with male gamers…they knew gaming, knew what they were talking about and were passionate about it…they were queens of gaming and garnered respect from male gamers…The thing I find funniest about her rant is that she complains about men only watching Morgan Webb and Olivia Munn for their looks and then in the next sentence kind of complains that men obviously don’t think she’s as attractive as they were, couldn’t tell if she was angry or jealous…either way lecturing your audience isn’t a smart move at all…no matter what industry you’re in.

Another reason you should stay away from G4TV is Adam Sessler…Not sure what happened to this guy but I used to be a fan back in the day and these days find myself disliking him quite a bit. In the world we live in today there is so much divisiveness over politics, I get that but Sessler brings he hatred for Republicans to a new level and displays it right out front for everyone to see…He’s made statements like “All Republicans drink piss” and has even said he wishes death on any of his family members that are Republicans…We’re divided enough as a country right now and we don’t need media personalities driving even more hatred between us…Liberal or Conservative I won’t support anyone that hates that much simply over a difference in opinions or beliefs…maybe his liberal viewers love it I don’t know but I’m all set with that kind of hate regardless of who it’s coming from or who it’s directed at…the last thing we need more of in the world is hatred and anger.

Maybe some viewers aren’t bothered by either of these things but I for one don’t watch any TV to be lectured or to see someone dehumanize other people just for disagreements and for Twitter likes…I’ll get my video game news from somewhere else like I’ve been doing since G4TV went off the air…also gotta mention that most of their videos are reviews of games that are months if not years old…even without all the stuff I talked about in this article their content is subpar at best…my advice is avoid G4TV altogether…they’ll either make you feel hated or make you feel like hating someone else and that’s not what we’re supposed to get out of “entertainment”.



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