The Netflix Movie Cuties Faces Backlash From 4chan And Consumers For Sexualizing Young Girls

The general public and 4chan don’t often agree on everything but on thing it seems everyone can agree with is that sexualizing minors is beyond wrong and this was proven when moderators on 4chan put out an announcement that anything from the new Netflix movie Cuties was banned from the site and although many people are acting surprised by this the fact is that 4chan has never allowed this type of content, so it’s nothing new really.

The film in question Cuties is a French made coming of age tale about a group of young girls trying to fit in and be popular just like all young girls deal with and perhaps if the film was handled differently it could have been in the news for better reasons but instead the filmmakers decided having preteen girls twerking and dancing suggestively was a great idea and I’m hoping that at this point they’ve realized the error of their ways.

As the photo above shows 4chan has made their stance on this clear and bravo to them for doing so…4chan has a reputation for often trolling and messing with people online but in this instance at least I think we can all stand together with 4chan on this one…Netflix needs to remove this film from their service…I’m not sure who at Netflix decided releasing this movie was a good idea but they also need to be fired…anyone that thinks this kind of content is okay has to have some deep seeded issues of their own and the people that made the film should be ashamed of themselves.

I watched the trailer for the film and that was far beyond enough to reassure me that I don’t want to see the entire movie nor should anyone else.

What are your thoughts?

Had you heard of it before this point or did you like me, just find out about it?

Let us know in the comments

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