Two Teens Reacted to Phil Collins and Bridged the Generation Gap Through Love of Music

It seems like almost everything in the news these days is specifically designed to be divisive and cause us all to argue and hate each other…So I decided I’d cover something positive today…A story about coming together rather than falling apart.

Two teens (Twinsthenewtrend) reacting to Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight has gone viral for the best reason ever, because for once everyone is in agreement on something…Phil Collins is a master musician and his music can be appreciated by everyone of all ages.

I’ll put the original video of them reacting below as well as sharing some of the tweets people are putting out in response to it…for once let’s all just be happy and enjoy some good music.

As you can say it was the drums dropping that really made them pay attention, it’s nice to see a new generation discovering such an epic song.

They’re a pretty popular reaction channel and seem to know how to market it correctly as well.

Yes, I’ve loved this song pretty much my whole life and it’s amazing to get to see someone hear it for the first time…need more reaction channels like this.

I feel like I probably made the same face the first time I heard it too.

I’m almost jealous that there are people that still will get to hear this song for the first time…such an amazing tune.

Shhhh don’t talk about cassettes you’ll give our age away…

So many other good songs by him people should listen to as well.

It really is an interesting story behind the song and this article is a good little read.

What are your thoughts?

Are you a long time fan of Phil Collins or a new one?

Let us know in the comments.

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