#WeReopenSchoolsWhen Is Trending On Twitter and This Is What People Have To Say About It

With the new school year quickly approaching and the pandemic still very serious, maybe worse than ever, people are torn over whether or not kids should go back to school in the Fall. It’s a tough subject because no one wants their kids at risk for getting sick and at the same time we all realize how important the learning is for them and the socializing that comes along with it. Such a divisive subject always makes for interesting and sometimes thought provoking tweets…here’s some of the better ones I found.

There certainly needs to be rigid guidelines but is that enough?

Some people aren’t willing to risk it at all and that’s understandable.

It’s not just about the children either, we need to think about the teachers as well.

Yea doesn’t seem like a great idea to reopen now…but you’ll get different statistics depending on what media you get it from.

The unknown long term effects could be worse than we realize…

I agree but the problem is not every child in this country has access to internet

Sadly this is not a viable option for all families…

Some schools have already decided they’ll be opening…

It is a pretty good point…

So what are your thoughts on #WeReopenSchoolsWhen ?

Let us know in the comments.





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