Trump Worried About the Washington Monument Being Knocked Over and Twitter Had Lots to Say

President Trump posted a tweet today stating basically anyone that messes with federal monuments will face 10 years in prison but what people gravitated to was the fact he even thinks someone can knock over the Washington Monument. here’s his tweet.

And now here’s some of the reactions to it…

Of course it’s not a Trump tweet unless there’s a spelling error.

Some people think it’s a joke to even worry about it happening.

Some people think it could easily be done.

He has a point…

With some at the ready to support anyone that can knock it over…

Some think he’s crazy for even mentioning it.

And some just don’t think it matters much.

As I say in all my other posts, just because I post it doesn’t mean I agree with it, I’m just showing other people’s reactions.

Please leave a comment with your thoughts on the matter and follow my blog for future posts.





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