#BlueLivesMatter is Trending on Twitter and Reactions Are Mixed

As with most controversial hashtags I’m sure this one has political origins and I’m not going to feed into it with my own opinions and whatnot. I will say this much, although I don’t agree with harming anyone, Black,White or Blue I do think police in this country need major reform, better training and should not be armed as if they were military, they should be there to protect not to enforce. With that said and my opinion meaning very little on the matter I thought it would be good to show how both sides are feeling about this hashtag, I think this is the perfect opportunity to see how the media just fucks with our heads to get us fighting with each other and keep us divided…how will we ever stand up for our rights if we’re too busy fighting with each other? anyways let’s get on with the tweets.

With some reasonably upset, feeling this is trying to take away from the #BLM movement

and some of course taking the humorous approach.

Both sides seem so certain they are right…

With most not even knowing why the hashtag originally got going.

More humor of course…because the internet…

But lots of people are making it clear they have no love for the police.

With some calling for a straight up ban on police.

And others just saddened by the loss of life that’s going on out there.

Going to leave things off here, just because i post this stuff doesn’t mean I agree with all of it, I’m simply showing the reactions of other people to the subject.

Please leave a comment with your thoughts on the subject.





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