Ubisoft Teases Far Cry 6 Release and Details

First through a semi cryptic tweet and then later confirmed by Ubisoft the release of Far Cry 6 was announced today with further details to be announced at the Ubisoft Forward conference on Sunday.


So far we only have a few details but those details are promising to say the least. With a release date of early 2021 there is still plenty of time for things to change with this game but as it stands now Giancarlo Esposito is confirmed to be the main antagonist of the game, probably best known for his role on Breaking Bad, he pretty much instantly gives this game credibility playing the main villain Anton Castillo.

The game takes place on an island named Yara and will be the largest game world to date for the Far Cry franchise. You’ll be in control of a local guerilla soldier by the name of Dani Rojas who will use makeshift weapons, vehicles and “amigos” or merceneries to get the job done.


Another detail to note is if you buy the PS4 version you will seemingly get the PS5 version free if you upgrade systems. also there seems to be 2-player multiplayer, which is always a plus. We’ll have to wait until at least Sunday for more details but so far things are shaping up to look promising for Far Cry 6.





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