The CW’s Batwoman Casts Javicia Leslie as New Lead

Batwoman had a promising beginning with it’s first season starting out with around 1.8 million viewers but by the end of the first season had lost almost 2/3 of thew viewers with the finale only garnering around 700,000 viewers. Based on the DC comics characters the CW series was part of what’s referred to as the “Arrowverse” existing in the same world as many other DC comics shows including of course Arrow, The Flash, Black lightning and a few others.

Ruby Rose plays the titular character throughout the first season and she actually did a decent job in my opinion but you can only do so much with lazy writing and by the end of the season she had seemingly had enough as she quit the show, leaving the series in quite the pickle and leaving the few fans still left wondering where the show would go from there.

The announcement that Javicia Leslie was cast recently was met with mixed reactions, with some very happy with the casting and others, well…not so much, there always seems to be divisiveness when a show brings in more diversity and in some cases I can understand why but in this case I just don’t understand the people upset about the casting. Although I agree with the fact that there needs to be more diversity in movies and television I don’t always agree with adding diversity just for the sake of diversity. In this case though Javicia Leslie is being cast as a totally different character, she is not playing Kate Kane, she is playing a character by the name of Ryan Wilder and in my opinion a brand new character is the best opportunity to add diversity to a show, rather than changing an already existing character.

I for one am excited about the casting choice and as a long time comic book nerd I hope it helps the show find more success.

Javicia Leslie is a 33 year-old African American actress and although she’s not widely known she does have some experience, appearing on the series God Friended Me and The Family Business and the film Always a Bridesmaid. She is also openly bisexual and the showrunners have stated they are set on the fact that an LGBTQ+ person should play the character.

I for one am looking forward to seeing her in the role and hope people will have an open mind and give her a chance.





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